What is with Wellness?

‘What’s With Wellness?’

 For New Place Hotel, 2020 will be the ‘Year of Wellness’. From corporate meetings to leisure breaks, we could not think of better way of combining all the services we have to offer and our beautiful 32-acre estate, than with the aims and ambitions of the ‘Wellness Agenda.’

So what do we mean by ‘Wellness’? The definition of the term is ‘the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal’ and we have started applying this to the many corporate events that take place in our 33 meetings rooms.  From away-days and off-site meetings, to team-building activities and celebrations, we have been thinking about how our guests can achieve their very best from their time with us.

First stop was the kitchen, where our Head Chef, spent time creating delicious meals for a lunchtime Wellness Menu that combines the nutrition to boost energy for an afternoon’s activities with a lightness so that guests don’t feel sluggish or lethargic.  We also have offered clients the chance to swap sweet treats, biscuits and hot drinks with fruit platters and caffeine-free teas and juices.

We then focused on exercise, and will now be encouraging people to take a breath of fresh air outside their meeting and functions rooms by offering walks round our manor house and woodland, use of our swimming pool and gym, or taking a gentle stroll through our manicured lawns and show gardens.

And it isn’t just in our corporate business.  We have started introducing complimentary fruit and water in rooms booked by guests belonging to the hotel’s membership, are promoting nature walks to all residents and introducing healthy alternatives throughout our restaurant menus, as well as catering for all dietary requirements.

The response, even in these early stages, has been fantastic.  Event organisers and guest alike have taken the time to offer praise and encouragement for what we are trying to achieve and this is just the beginning.

We are in talks with companies keen to explore using our sites for outdoor yoga, mindfulness retreats and healthy lifestyle courses – if we are quite honest, we have been astounded by the possibilities brought to us that we didn’t even think about when we came up with the idea.

So, we’d just like to thank everyone who has shown us such support at the start of this journey and we look forward to updating you with how things progress on this blog and through our social media channels.

Oh, and of course we need a hashtag (everything needs a hashtag!) so welcome to #NewPlaceWellness

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